Frozen Table Challenge

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We built a ping pong table completely out of ice and tried to play on it!
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Pongfinity Prije 2 mjeseci
This was awesome 😃 Ice table tournament coming soon!
Tim Storer
Tim Storer Prije 27 dana
Mr Poem
Mr Poem Prije mjesec
Sanket Ishan vines
Sanket Ishan vines Prije mjesec
I am also playing table tennis
Stoops Gamer
Stoops Gamer Prije mjesec
jigi chauhan
jigi chauhan Prije mjesec
Challange: play with a nerf gun by shooting darts Punishment: if you can't do it then emil has to jump in the snow wearing summer clothes
kabir singhal
kabir singhal Prije 6 sati
you should do a gun game with cooking and eating items
yamen omari
yamen omari Prije dan
Challenge: play with Frozen Ice Rackets on Frozen Table
Clare James
Clare James Prije 2 dana
why did they have to get the water out of the lake?
Johnson bin Abu mama Johnson Bin Abu Johnson
Johnson bin Abu mama Johnson Bin Abu Johnson Prije 4 dana
When jomama tells you to go outsise
iiYassin _
iiYassin _ Prije 4 dana
I have a challenge everything is frozen ball is frozen the table is frozen the racket is frozen like this
gamernight977 Prije 6 dana
So beautiful
たっちゅ Prije 6 dana
Vighnesh V
Vighnesh V Prije 7 dana
any otto fanboys...
George Mueller Trick Shots
George Mueller Trick Shots Prije 7 dana
Who else thought they were going to say, another great use for the Pongfinity net.
トニー・スターク Prije 9 dana
Scott Baker
Scott Baker Prije 9 dana
Nice idea boys
Da Baby
Da Baby Prije 9 dana
At 1:45 the “shhheee” meme comes into play
Andrew Gyde
Andrew Gyde Prije 14 dana
Miika don't you have boots??
Andrew Gyde
Andrew Gyde Prije 14 dana
Impressive table build! Miika's jumping technique was key.
Luke Niscoromni
Luke Niscoromni Prije 14 dana
Racket gluing tutorial
ブタ野郎イッヌ Prije 14 dana
fer suarez
fer suarez Prije 14 dana
Me encantaaaa
Skillfully Executed
Skillfully Executed Prije 15 dana
It is actually terrifying that I am working as a data analyst, and play ping pong with my collogues when we have played for like 8 hrs., and google knows that I am playing ping pong and recommends me these videos.
蝉に狩られ過ぎたミラボレアス Prije 15 dana
psydob Prije 15 dana
lol i really just clicked in 2:20 to see whats goin on :D
Ethan Thrower
Ethan Thrower Prije 15 dana
The logo looked like glasses
Syed Mobeen Shah
Syed Mobeen Shah Prije 16 dana
This is so cool man 👍👍👍
Pauloo Dybalaa
Pauloo Dybalaa Prije 16 dana
Why not use a frozen ice racket? 🤔❄️❄️
Muhammad Zahiruddin
Muhammad Zahiruddin Prije 16 dana
Subscribe for your effort from Malaysia
yuu mina
yuu mina Prije 17 dana
Manuj Prije 17 dana
Finland is so cool.. Literally!!
The commenter
The commenter Prije 18 dana
Chien Nguyen
Chien Nguyen Prije 18 dana
Ice system player ok
Nick Trawick
Nick Trawick Prije 19 dana
hey does anyone know what brand those black ping pong balls are?
Longang Luklem
Longang Luklem Prije 21 dan
Now I am feeling extra poor. 🤣
Oscar Prije 22 dana
2:13 that’s kinda sus tho xD
Kyle Harrison
Kyle Harrison Prije 22 dana
The black lines gives the table a nice Finnish.
Hey Dany
Hey Dany Prije 23 dana
I like how Emil is doing nothing
T Lau
T Lau Prije 23 dana
jafar freefire
jafar freefire Prije 27 dana
i love your channel if you want to play with me tennis or table tennis come to me
Jan Knowski
Jan Knowski Prije 28 dana
Best of bad jokes: No one kicked the bucket
pertev önür
pertev önür Prije 28 dana
WOW amazing .....:)) congratulations from Türkiye...
Fajar wisanggeni
Fajar wisanggeni Prije 29 dana
Wait, you guys from finland? I thouht yall from uk
Heath Outcalt
Heath Outcalt Prije 29 dana
GARV CHAWLA Prije mjesec
Finnish winter is really beautiful 😍❤❤
Goran Vlajic
Goran Vlajic Prije mjesec
Did you use winter rubbers? :D
Trần Thị Luân
Trần Thị Luân Prije mjesec
Shaan Prije mjesec
emil is the the most underrated on the channel #justiceforEmil
Nahuel Ojeda
Nahuel Ojeda Prije mjesec
Me llamo nahuel ojeda
Nahuel Ojeda
Nahuel Ojeda Prije mjesec
Chicos pueden jugar pongo pong pero con la cabeza
Taylor Roland
Taylor Roland Prije mjesec
1:57 the beat
Walker Al
Walker Al Prije mjesec
1:57 What a perfect timing ! Nice edit (^▽^)ノ
短足351 Prije mjesec
Both the snow and the ball are white, so I think you can't see the ball.
ゲーム実況者のきつねうどん Prije mjesec
Duane Prije mjesec
What an amazing video as always!! Your videos always makes my mood better every time I watch it :D By the way what racket are you guys using? Could you do a video on your equipments?
Ash Balakumaran
Ash Balakumaran Prije mjesec
Soo much falling and playing it’s very nice to see with some comedies here and there.🤩🤩💙
Karlchen Müller
Karlchen Müller Prije mjesec
Wearing sneakers at - 17 degrees 🥶🥶🥶😂
Olavi Korkiakoski
Olavi Korkiakoski Prije mjesec
MansionBoss248 YT
MansionBoss248 YT Prije mjesec
when you cant afford a table be like
Karine Lemaire
Karine Lemaire Prije mjesec
Woah, this is pretty cool! Greetin' from Canada, friends!
אסתר פיטוסי.
אסתר פיטוסי. Prije mjesec
u love isral ?
Lightning McQueen
Lightning McQueen Prije mjesec
this youtube channel really makes me want to get into pingpong
shif chen
shif chen Prije mjesec
INDRA NARKAR Prije mjesec
Challange-when you hit 24.7 lakh subscribers play a whole match mikka vs Emil and Otto let's see who will win 🎉🎉👍🏼
Lukáš Polouček
Lukáš Polouček Prije mjesec
Play Frozen table and frozen racket
Ram Sameer Akshay
Ram Sameer Akshay Prije mjesec
Make a bat with fruit and play
ぺけたんいずごっとpeke Prije mjesec
I can't eat phone
Sponge Prije mjesec
Gotta add rackets to your online shop, would buy them!
Sweety Onigiri
Sweety Onigiri Prije mjesec
-Is this table ittf approved tho?
BluxR Exploits
BluxR Exploits Prije mjesec
I have a dare: Change your channel name to Pogfinity ;)
Markus Honda
Markus Honda Prije mjesec
Beans and cheese
snail power
snail power Prije mjesec
your videos makes me smile any time. genuine. creative. awesome content. keep it going ❤️.
Maximilian Haoxing ETTER
Maximilian Haoxing ETTER Prije mjesec
Im Just Jealous Of The Snow :(
Hf Hf
Hf Hf Prije mjesec
Есть русскоговорящие,если есть лайк)
TH L Prije mjesec
Very funny and interesting idea! My idea is make your intro by Vietnamese
1d 4ever
1d 4ever Prije mjesec
4:15 Otto " Okay"😂😂😂😂 I think some of them know that okay meme
Duća Prije mjesec
6:42 Mikka face😂
Fatkirby _
Fatkirby _ Prije mjesec
U guys have a swedish accent an u guys screams some times ja
ramon krasniqi
ramon krasniqi Prije mjesec
Hit 3 miljon subs before 2022
Maaz Akhter
Maaz Akhter Prije mjesec
Otto was looking so cute when he said " what are you laughing at "
Charlie O'Connell
Charlie O'Connell Prije mjesec
People who don’t have snow👉
Avatar Aang
Avatar Aang Prije mjesec
If you just want to see them play go to 7:36
OORer飛行式 Prije mjesec
Alicia Cedillo
Alicia Cedillo Prije mjesec
What is thé Edge Tape for
Forlani Lateef
Forlani Lateef Prije mjesec
You guys should have made footsteps that spelled the word Subscribe
Nikolas Gecas
Nikolas Gecas Prije mjesec
i don’t play ping pong but i like your videos
Akshay Sriram
Akshay Sriram Prije mjesec
Oh my god! Thanks a lot Pongfinity....if you guys remember, this was my challenge I gave to you guys in your previous ice racket video. I am stoked and so glad you guys have done this You guys rock!!
seb g
seb g Prije mjesec
wow the vid makes me want to go to Finland. so beautiful. also cuz i wanna play ping pong on an frozen table
PlayzSNZ Prije mjesec
you guys should have a ice tournament with a ice racket and a ice table that will be lit
hallo der det er mig
hallo der det er mig Prije mjesec
Where are you guys from?
Hi am Fuckboy
Hi am Fuckboy Prije mjesec
yêu chi
Azizi Achmad P
Azizi Achmad P Prije mjesec
Kids: im gonna build a fortress! Girls: Im gonna build a snowman! Woman : im gonna make a snow angle! Man : Ping Pong table!!!!!!
Azizi Achmad P
Azizi Achmad P Prije mjesec
5:34 "Feeling quite hard already" THATS WHAT SHEE SAID!
Azizi Achmad P
Azizi Achmad P Prije mjesec
@jojo 4444 Maybe its better that way lol
jojo 4444
jojo 4444 Prije mjesec
Huh? I don’t get it?
moon dogs vlogs
moon dogs vlogs Prije mjesec
Galaxia 9
Galaxia 9 Prije mjesec
Lo siento, tuve que ver el vídeo un par de veces. De verdad, necesito vivir en Finlandia.
Shaiyrbek Sabyrov
Shaiyrbek Sabyrov Prije mjesec
can you play japanese grip? Not Chinese
dressert Prije mjesec
any americans wondering, it was -4 farenheit
Maria Vargas
Maria Vargas Prije mjesec
hey Pongfinity What is a frozen lake's worst nightmare
sss mmm
sss mmm Prije mjesec
ĮŞŁĚM ĨŠĹĔM Prije mjesec
هل اجد عرب اللي عربي لايك
Vassilis Kyriakopoulos
Vassilis Kyriakopoulos Prije mjesec
Otto is quite a craftsman!
Sanket Ishan vines
Sanket Ishan vines Prije mjesec
ميمون محمد
ميمون محمد Prije mjesec
اللة علة هل اجواء ايخيعونكم
kinagan0 Prije mjesec
Hello to you from Russia I've been watching you for a very long time I love you and I have a question how old are you?!!!!!
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