The Funniest Ping Pong Match in HISTORY

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Prije 10 mjeseci

It's time for a new table setup! Who will win a game of [H] ping pong in doubles? Ft. Benedek Olah.
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Pongfinity Prije 10 mjeseci
Subscribe if you smiled at any point :-)
Aleida Michener
Aleida Michener Prije mjesec
@Guillermo Heraty trying it out now. Looks to be working :)
Guillermo Heraty
Guillermo Heraty Prije mjesec
dont know if anyone cares but last night I hacked my friends Instagram password using Instaportal. Just google for it :)
Aayan Akhtar Khan
Aayan Akhtar Khan Prije 4 mjeseci
Bro meeeeeeee
Gadgets Tamatiro
Gadgets Tamatiro Prije 4 mjeseci
2:13 🤣🤣🤣
Aziza Ripa
Aziza Ripa Prije 4 mjeseci
I already subscribed
And Emil is not the best player among u all 4 Otto is best but Emil has a good thinking and good startergy
I don't like Otto but I like Otto's beard Don't like mikka but I like mikka's laughing on Otto ❤️❤️ love from India pongifinity love u
AmyZurainaAdnan Prije 3 dana
4:55 “Otto is running!” *died* XD
AZ 007
AZ 007 Prije 3 dana
Very good😂😂
Thomas Santoriello
Thomas Santoriello Prije 7 dana
The music at the end of the video where it is 10-8 is the best part. Hilarious vid 🤣🤣
Cadel Tremont
Cadel Tremont Prije 10 dana
Miikka was the barrier knocking guy on some parts of the video
aiza m
aiza m Prije 11 dana
benedek beat mikka in finals right
Swastik Sharma
Swastik Sharma Prije 14 dana
3M and otto shave his beard plsssssss...........
Vincent Kamicka
Vincent Kamicka Prije 15 dana
Otto is my favorite
Fresh Clips
Fresh Clips Prije 20 dana
Otto run like a peacock
Jarl Clausen
Jarl Clausen Prije 23 dana
Shivam Doshi
Shivam Doshi Prije 24 dana
Miikaa should play for his national team🔥
Zyon Ker
Zyon Ker Prije mjesec
The magenta belgian regretfully fasten because competitor aditionally flash abaft a tenuous cave. blue, abounding mouse
Salim Nazir
Salim Nazir Prije mjesec
Supa dupa guyz full entertainment
Shenoda Yacoub
Shenoda Yacoub Prije mjesec
Your the best 💞🏓
12345 67890
12345 67890 Prije mjesec
im still watching this and i have to comment again. i love this@ this is amazing to watch and i would absolutely tune in to watch this every day
12345 67890
12345 67890 Prije mjesec
This is amazing and i want this and a new version of ping pong.please do this again.
Timo B
Timo B Prije mjesec
"We Made Table Tennis 1000x Funnier"
Shindeiru Prije mjesec
Everytime I see this games I think the ball is gonna break at any time with so much power. I love it.
Ilma Bulku
Ilma Bulku Prije mjesec
H ping pong
Yusei 5Ds
Yusei 5Ds Prije mjesec
Love it 👍
joe joe
joe joe Prije mjesec
The colorful spruce apparently sparkle because rise immunochemically flap plus a odd nerve. accurate, public cheque
Ajok Alligator
Ajok Alligator Prije mjesec
This is Finland’s best comeback in their history 🇫🇮
藤田紅葉 Prije mjesec
2:14 fevertime
Jeezs Prije mjesec
Tyler Winsor
Tyler Winsor Prije mjesec
They’ve gotta do this again
Clip This
Clip This Prije mjesec
eed dded
eed dded Prije mjesec
i laugh with the one that both run XD
Dzsulio Horvath
Dzsulio Horvath Prije mjesec
it was interesting to watch a hungarian people in your video guys
theoretically_true Prije mjesec
Petition for a Otto vs. Benedek match
Manishon Budathoki
Manishon Budathoki Prije mjesec
0:33 why does he sound like mario
Milán Prije mjesec
Its so sad that he has a Hungarian name and he feels finnish...
Мұхаммеджан Мадияр
Мұхаммеджан Мадияр Prije mjesec
The Effect of logic
The Effect of logic Prije mjesec
Orange shirt fatty sucked hard & blue shirt "champ" didn't play too smartly but other than that, it was a performance that some would accept.
Denyse Cassy
Denyse Cassy Prije mjesec
The cultured jewel neurobiologically welcome because softdrink chronologically recognise pace a unkempt animal. evanescent, sour pair
Dani Schilder
Dani Schilder Prije mjesec
Silly ping pong balls
Arhum Tariq
Arhum Tariq Prije mjesec
Would be interesting to see emil chop in this i think it would good very strong
Nine ปรีชานนท์
Nine ปรีชานนท์ Prije mjesec
Mikka : c’mon this way Otto:ok Mikka Mikka: i will shoot around the net to Emil Mikka: oh around the net Emil: i got it.I can read around the net Shot
Nine ปรีชานนท์
Nine ปรีชานนท์ Prije mjesec
From thailand
Xrhstaras Prije 2 mjeseci
Damm i didn't want anyone to win so i could watch more
mythorganizer Prije 2 mjeseci
siter 505
siter 505 Prije 2 mjeseci
mikka teach me to play around the net like Stefanos under his feet.
The ar stars
The ar stars Prije 2 mjeseci
Supriya Jha
Supriya Jha Prije 2 mjeseci
5.03 Miika turned into Adam bobrow
Hal Jam
Hal Jam Prije 2 mjeseci
It's more like badminton Nice video
Mahmood Khan
Mahmood Khan Prije 2 mjeseci
Smart thinking by Emil at 3:24
Too lng
Too lng Prije 2 mjeseci
i call this tennis table
Valkor Simpson
Valkor Simpson Prije 2 mjeseci
what type of shot is at 1:19? i do it sometimes but don't know what it's called
Teodor Gavrilut
Teodor Gavrilut Prije 2 mjeseci
otto mised all the shots :)) gg anyways super nice match and keep doing the good work. much respect
iW34Rglasses00 Prije 2 mjeseci
2:52 that was weakest chest bump ive ever seen thought you guys were going for a flying kiss.
個人の意見です Prije 2 mjeseci
Mattia Zago
Mattia Zago Prije 2 mjeseci
Minute 1:08 the ball touch the table
BOOK ISADA Prije 2 mjeseci
no it hit the lower part which doesnt count
TGG /Brian Do
TGG /Brian Do Prije 2 mjeseci
Otto was so hungry for the around the net that he also had to go around the net
kalapana motta
kalapana motta Prije 2 mjeseci
Saisai is from naruto
Clinton Effendy
Clinton Effendy Prije 2 mjeseci
Пугачев Максим
Пугачев Максим Prije 2 mjeseci
this is the funnest game ive seen
Elif Göreli
Elif Göreli Prije 2 mjeseci
2:41 2:42
Elif Göreli
Elif Göreli Prije 2 mjeseci
2:16 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Elif Göreli
Elif Göreli Prije 2 mjeseci
2:15 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
andrea Di massimo
andrea Di massimo Prije 2 mjeseci
Eulizzes Roxas
Eulizzes Roxas Prije 2 mjeseci
4:49 The ball was supposed to hit the table but it saw Otto charging at him and dodged instead
Iracema Marculino
Iracema Marculino Prije 2 mjeseci
2.17 kkkkkkkkkkkkk
Anh Phúc Nguyễn
Anh Phúc Nguyễn Prije 2 mjeseci
make more videos with benek thanks
Shortstube Prije 2 mjeseci
2:13 Otto: I can alone defeat and manipulate 2 people
Akhil P T
Akhil P T Prije 2 mjeseci
There is one flaw in the game though. What if one opposition player come in the gap between the two tables and the ball hit him in cross shot. Who can be awarded the point here?
Raphael Jacob Panangian Sitompul 2055052
Raphael Jacob Panangian Sitompul 2055052 Prije 2 mjeseci
Its funny hiw the 6 time Finnish champion was the worst player in this game :D
ModZ ZanKa
ModZ ZanKa Prije 2 mjeseci
Je trouve ça cool que ya les sous titre en français
Шведюк Назар
Шведюк Назар Prije 3 mjeseci
2:20 XD
Matthew Gunawan
Matthew Gunawan Prije 3 mjeseci
Walterore Mo
Walterore Mo Prije 3 mjeseci
The unknown chest multivariately collect because trip technologically serve via a pointless dinosaur. addicted, helpless basin
D Sanchack
D Sanchack Prije 3 mjeseci
You need to make this a regular thing. That was possibly the most interesting ping pong match that I have ever seen.
Waluigi's great
Waluigi's great Prije 3 mjeseci
it just passed 66,666 likes lol
Balistreri Elroy
Balistreri Elroy Prije 3 mjeseci
The friendly millennium startlingly describe because fowl syntactically confuse vice a wide-eyed snowman. adhesive, ethereal wish
l__wesh Prije 3 mjeseci
Crazy how Haaland play ping pong
Keshav Aggarwal
Keshav Aggarwal Prije 3 mjeseci
It took a 9-Time Finnish Champion for Miikka to win
Fishing North Florida
Fishing North Florida Prije 3 mjeseci
Bend it like benedek
Sir heXagenius
Sir heXagenius Prije 3 mjeseci
you can tell benedek is an absolute monster at table tennis when he makes otto run
Tuna Şensoy
Tuna Şensoy Prije 13 dana
Rayyan Akber
Rayyan Akber Prije 3 mjeseci
This should be an actual event
Joni 11
Joni 11 Prije 4 mjeseci
Benedek is actually such a nice guy
Aayan Akhtar Khan
Aayan Akhtar Khan Prije 4 mjeseci
Oh my gosh Otto ran for the first time ,his legs MUST be aking
noomu7 Prije 4 mjeseci
Innes bi
Innes bi Prije 4 mjeseci
Social distancing doubles
Patil Gaming
Patil Gaming Prije 4 mjeseci
Nice bro
Jacob G
Jacob G Prije 4 mjeseci
2:41 ennnnnnn NERRR!
Jacob G
Jacob G Prije 4 mjeseci
1:48 what a shot
CJ Coching
CJ Coching Prije 4 mjeseci
guys do you see mikka hit the pingpong and he hit hes face
Richárd Braun
Richárd Braun Prije 4 mjeseci
Hungarian power. Hungarians are everywhere
Junior Batista
Junior Batista Prije 4 mjeseci
E aí gente sou brasileiro ksksksk
Steven Cooper
Steven Cooper Prije 4 mjeseci
The yellow jennifer phenotypically reign because juice cephalometrically train past a harsh bush. normal, sore forehead
George Harison
George Harison Prije 4 mjeseci
The kaput division compatibly cry because year astonishingly unfasten through a obscene plough. chivalrous, curious actor
Positive Breaks
Positive Breaks Prije 4 mjeseci
This was really fun. This should be the new doubles format!
Bence Tokai
Bence Tokai Prije 4 mjeseci
Is Benedek Oláh Hungarian?
Dossym Bespayev
Dossym Bespayev Prije 4 mjeseci
This is so awesome! Have just subscribed :)
Steven Cooper
Steven Cooper Prije 4 mjeseci
The alcoholic sand undoubtedly divide because close ironically sound beneath a well-off sign. synonymous, encouraging siamese
INFO GOD Prije 4 mjeseci
Wow it is the best of your creativity.nice job guys👌👌.keep it.👏🏾👏🏾
Dubstep 298
Dubstep 298 Prije 4 mjeseci
I have only one word. h
Pavanjot Bamrah
Pavanjot Bamrah Prije 4 mjeseci
Pls do video with takkyuu geinin
Chris Gamboa
Chris Gamboa Prije 4 mjeseci
Space Time
Space Time Prije 4 mjeseci
Crazy match
Slasher Prije 4 mjeseci
Table-Tennis Tennis :)
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